Welcome to The Fringe Foundation.

Our mission is to fight for a more just society by working with community organizations led by people who have been unjustly relegated to the fringes of social and political self-determination. We believe in collective action. We believe that community organizing is the best way to secure lasting social change because it enables the people most directly affected by injustice to build power and engage in decision-making processes within their own communities. The Fringe Foundation aims to combat exploitation, abuse, and discrimination by providing grants to community projects that help transform structures of inequality. 

Our current categories of funding include:

1.       Economic Justice 
2.       Education Justice 
3.       Civil Rights Justice 
4.       Gender and Sexuality Justice 
5.       Immigrant Justice 

6.       Art for Justice

We seek to partner with organizations that share our commitment to fighting these intersecting forms of social inequality through non-sectarian, non-violent community organizing. For example, The Fringe has partnered with two Nashville-based economic justice groups, which are run by those directly affected by injustice: Workers’ Dignity Project (http://www.workersdignity.org) and Cayce United (http://www.cayceunited.org). 

Our website is new, so right now it serves as a place for you to find out whether your organization suits our current focus, for you to learn about our grant-making criteria and protocols, and for you to submit an application. In the future, we hope that this website will also function as a place where you can learn about the work of our funding allies and grassroots partners, and where we can all share stories about the best organizing practices and the challenges that accompany this kind of work.

Thank you for your interest in The Fringe Foundation.